Monday, October 29, 2012

I hate to see the sun go down

Monday, October 29, 2012
Molo, Iloilo City, Philippines

To protect privacy, many names in this blog are changed.

My Week was pretty crazy, but I only have three of them left, so I hope they are all crazy.

We've been having some problems with a rebellious elder acting inappropriate around some girls in his ward.  President had previously asked me to keep track of the situation, so I talked with him about it.  In turn, President talked with him, and that elder was angry at me, as well as others.  I didn't care.

Later that day, I got a call from President, who wanted to talk with me in private.  When we talked, he asked me to have a discussion with him.  Later that night we did, and it started out fine.  Once we got to the main point of discussion, it got ugly.  He yelled at me, left the room, and didn’t return when I called him back.  Elder Maneateata also tried talking with him, and a while later he asked me how to call the AP’s.  I showed him, and they later arrived to try talking with the elder.

When they went on upstairs to talk with him, he was almost done packing his bags.  He was being very dramatic.  He yelled some things at us, most of them ridiculous.  Elder Domincel told him to calm down, and he went into the other room to pack more things.  I explained to Elder Christian what had happened, and then he also joined the discussion in the other room.  I waited downstairs, talking with Elder Foshee' (the designated driver.)   After a while, I was invited to join the conversation.  We talked him out of going home, and had a direct discussion about his real problem.  It was nice that I wasn’t the only one who knew of the problem.  We got everything worked out, and were finished about midnight.

This past Sunday was stake conference.  It was okay, but none of our investigators came.  The talks were good, but the musical numbers were ruined by the sound systems.  The piano was plugged into to the speakers in the church, and they were set at full blast.  During both the hymns and musical numbers, you could only hear the organ.  It was so loud that it was distorted.  It sounded more like Steppenwolf than Mormon Tab.  

I also got to see a lot of people that I really like.  I got to see folks from Guimaras and San Juaquin.  It was nice to see them.

Arrietta and Elder Waggoner
Thursday we had interviews with President.  I don't when it happened, but President seems very comfortable with me now.  He told me how much he trusts me, and we discussed helping some people develop their potential.  He even used names, too, and before he has been pretty general.  It was a nice interview.  He told me he was glad I extended, and will hate to see me go.  I know that’s an easy thing to say, but I felt like he meant it.

I saw Elder Arrieta this week.  He was in town for some business and stopped by.  He only stayed for a bit, but I got a picture with him.  I was happy to see him.  Working with him was an enjoyable experience after I’d had a difficult beginning. 

Elder Waggoner, Julie, Danielle
Danielle is the coolest convert ever.  She loves missionary work.  She has been working with the sister missionaries in Jaro, and they thought she was a returned missionary.  She is reading Preach My Gospel, and is way deep into the Book of Mormon.  She often sends us text messages, asking questions such as "Who is John Calvin?” and “What is the reformation?"  She’s also asked about the meaning of “lord of hosts" and why it is no longer wrong to use animal blood in food.  It's so much fun to see someone continue their conversion.

One investigator's father has withdrawn his permission for her to attend church.  We talked with him and he changed his mind, but then Saturday night he changed his mind again.  Lame.

I wrote a new song.  It's one of my best, I think.  I got some disappointing news about someone, and I wrote it in response to that.

Brother, why did you lie to me
don't you know the truth will set you free
brother please explain, why you locked yourself in chains
don't throw that ball into the ocean deep

David became a fallen king
a moonlit night Bathsheba was bathing
if he'd turned his head, he's have never been to bed
he's have never lost his royal crown

i know it takes strength to dig up your mistakes
 but if the levee breaks, where would you be found?
so brother don't you wait, come on and tell it straight,
find your way back to the high ground

Peter denied the savior thrice
that rock wept bitterly that night
and when that cock crew, peter yeah he knew
what he'd done, I know you do too

Is the light much too bright to take
are the truths you've killed keepin' you awake
in the dark do you hide, wrestling with pride
the one's up high have so far to fall

chorus again

We had two FHE's this week.  Neither went as planned, but both were fun.  At one, none of the investigators came; at the other, half of the family was gone.

There is white guy over in the Mandurriao Ward.  I was talking with the couple on Guimaras when he interrupted.  About a minute after he interrupted, he turned the conversation to politics.  It didn't naturally go that direction, but that's what this guy wanted to talk about.  It wasn’t as much about politics as it was just complaining.  I am glad that I'm not in the U.S. right now to hear the pointless bickering.  It seems so prideful.  I look forward to so much - taking warm showers, wearing long sleeves, seeing you guys, playing the banjo, recording my new songs, getting some hamburgers, seeing familiar faces, getting a church calling, going to the temple, studying algebra, sleeping in, eating loads of ice cream – but I am not excited for politics.

Last night, Elder Andal ding-dong ditched our neighbor and ran off.  He told us to run too, but I didn't.  I waited for him to come to the door, and told him “Sorry, we didn't mean to ring the doorbell.”  Elder Andal thought it was funny, but Elder Maneateata and I didn't.

This morning we played football.  I haven't exercised like that in a while.  We played with bandanas and socks tucked into out pants because we didn't have flags.  It rained and was super slippery.  It was a blast.  The only exercise I’ve had the past two years has been basketball and running, so it was nice to switch it up.

Life is good.  We are doing pretty good work.  I do think about home a bit more than I should, but I'm not feeling lazy.  I’m still enjoying working hard.

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