Monday, September 17, 2012

it was a nice lift

Monday, September 17, 2012
Molo, Iloilo City, Philippines

Many names in this blog are changed to protect privacy, and any editor comments are italicized in purple.

Life is pretty alright.  I just had myself a good p-day.

Last Tuesday was zone meeting, which meant we didn’t have District Meeting, which meant I didn't have to prepare a lesson.  I was happy because I usually spend my Monday evenings skipping writing in my journal, and spend it making a lesson plan.  I was happy to relax and just enjoy the meeting.  It went pretty well.  At one point I had to stand up and do an accounting of the work in my district.  I did that, and then I said "Now, to show my love for my district, I would like to sing a little song."  It was at this point last zone meeting that Elder Light took the mic away from me, but this time I got to really do it.  "District I love you, district I do, Father in Heaven has sent me to you; When I am near you, I love to hear you, whisper so softly that you love me too.  Elders Nunez and Domincel and Galloway and Johnson and Maneateata and Foshee and Advincula, I love you, I do."  (This is an adaptation of a song that Elder Waggoner’s mother sometimes sang to him and his siblings at bedtime.)  There was not a dry eye in the place.  Just kidding.

The following day was a district leaders’ training meeting.  It was pretty good.  I had a lot of fun, and I got to catch up with Elder Lowry.  He's having a good time on Guimaras.  He says that Elder Sefeti is still pretty Kinaray-a.  Apparently people on Guimaras think it's way funny to hear Kinaray-a.  I learned a bit at the training, and got to participate quite a bit.  Sister Pagaduan even called on me to help everyone wake up.  I decided to lead the 16 of us in a round of the Hokey Pokey.  Sister also told me that she is glad I am extending. 

The meeting ended at 3:30, and we were out working at 4:00.  As we were leaving our apartment and getting to the main road, a car pulled over to us.  It was President and Sister.  They said "Get in we will give you a ride."  They drove us about 100 yards before we all realized we were headed different directions.  It was a nice lift though.

On Thursday we got a call from the office asking us to take an elder with us for a couple of hours.  His name is Elder Turner.  He's from the same batch as Elder Maneateata, so he doesn't really know what's going on in lessons yet.  It was alright, but it wasn't too smooth to bring two elders who don't know what's going on in the lessons.  One of them fell asleep!  I remember what it was like to walk around all day in the heat and not know what was going on.  Those poor guys.  Elder Turner worked with us until 3:00 p.m. that day.

Danielle is doing great.  We had a lesson about temples with her the other day, and she just loved it.  She is attending institute, which is something I'd hate to do, but I'm glad she is.  She has a goal to go to the temple in October, and she was confirmed this past Sunday.  She is way solid.  She may be the most solid convert I've taught.  She was just so ready. 

Since I've arrived here, we've been teaching four girls, all about 19 years old.  They are Jessa, Maria, Isabel and Angel.  Jessa and Isabel are members, but Isabel is less active.  Angel joins the lessons sometimes, but mostly listens because we're cute.  Maria used to be a great investigator, and was so close to getting baptized.  She's still doing well, but in the past she was on fire.  We are currently trying to get her on fire again.  She's having a rough time with her family persecuting her a bit, but she thinks they'll understand sooner or later.  Anyway, this last week I decided it would be a good idea to talk about the atonement again, but talk about it more in depth.  Yeah, bad idea.  Man, it confused them so badly.  I wish we hadn't taught that lesson.  We ended pp somehow getting into Pre-mortal Christ.  It was lame.  The lesson a few days later was a lot better though.

We've been kind of punted lately.  People in the city flake from plans so often, it is unpredictable sometimes.  We set awesome plans, we coordinate with members, have everything arranged, and then one lesson falls through, and then the next, and then they all fall through.  It is so inconvenient.  I knew I had this coming because back in Antique, I told Elder Sefeti that patience is a waste of time.  Now God is showing me what he thinks of that comment

Church was all right.  We had two investigators there.  I got to teach the investigators class.  We talked about faith.  Elders Galloway and Johnson had two investigators there, too.  They were some die hard Catholics, and really enjoyed the lesson.  After church we had a pretty good correlation with the bishop, and Danielle joined the ward choir!

Later that afternoon we were teaching a family when I heard shouts and crying, and the sound that a piece of bamboo makes against skin.  At first I let it go, but then it just got more intense.  I stuck my head out the window, and saw a 14-year-old girl beating a four-year-old for "lying to her."  I interrupted the lesson to call to her to stop.  Elder Maneateata didn't think I should do so, and told me it wasn't our business.  I ignored him.  I went over to the house after the lesson and told the girl never to do it again. 

I have only two months left.  That's weird.  I can't believe that time has gone this fast.  I'm kind of ready to move on and do other things, but at the same time I feel that I am just getting good at this whole mission thing.  I don't know.  Elder Lowry goes home in three weeks.  Weird.  I plan to keep working and finish strong, but still have fun.  I got my x-rays today - the ones you have to get before you go home.  Pretty soon, I’ll receive my flight plans!  It's just plain weird.

Our work area is way flooded.  I asked President if we could use mission funds to buy a canoe; he hasn't gotten back to me yet.

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