Monday, December 13, 2010

a pretty darn good week

So this week was pretty eventful.  It was a pretty darn good week, despite me being sick for a lot of it!

On Wednesdays we have service in the morning.  We usually clean some dorms.  We had been assigned to clean drains, which is the worst job ever.  We have to clean out hair from drains.  It's really bad, but then some guy came in and said he needed help laying brick.  So, we laid brick!!!  So I can say forever that I helped make the sidewalk in front of the MTC!  It was fun!

The past few nights, Elder Doig has asked for a bed time story - just for fun.  He's not a kid. So I make up stories about farm animals named Kendall (his first name.)  So far he's been a chicken, a dog, a horse and a pig.  It's pretty funny.

I've decided to sing in the MTC choir.  This Tuesday we're singing “Away in a Manger.”  I'm singing bass because I was sick and I can't hit any higher notes.

I tried out for the Christmas talent show.  I sang "What are They Doing in Heaven Today?"  The MTC President's wife and the MTC music coordinator are the judges.  They both loved it!  They really did.  They were talking about sound check and what not, so I'm pretty sure I'm in - they were talking like i was in.  My companion, who was there, thought I was too.  I told them that I usually play with a harmonica, but I don't know if it's an approved instrument, so I didn't sing with it.  They said they'd love that, and to come back with it.  So tomorrow I will.  I'll sing it with my D harmonica because my voice is still low.

New missionaries arrived.  They are a diverse bunch.  One is a crazy marine who did a tour in Afghanistan.  He's nuts.  He was telling me about how missionaries join the marines after their mission and they need to lose the missionary mentality because being in the marines is about destroying lives, not helping people.  Well, that was crazy for me.  He often scolds his district for not keeping the rules exactly.  He scolded me last night for talking after 10:15.  He needs to lose the marine mentality.  

There’s another missionary from Wisconsin!  He's super cool too.  His in the same stake as Beloit.  Apparently it's not part of the Rockford Stake anymore. 

I get my flight plans this Friday!!!

Hey, whatever became of my traffic ticket?  Should I be worried when I come back??

I've been making worksheets for my class with vocabulary from the lesson we're teaching that week in the TA.  We play Jeopardy with the words on them every Friday.  The worksheets have become a hot commodity with the other Filipino zone, too.  This week Elder Peterson and I suffered yet another loss in Jeopardy.  It's rough.

Today I get a haircut - my first of my mission.  It grew kind of fast.  I hope they don't scalp me. 

The BYU men's chorus came and did a fireside last night.  It was superb – really, really good!  I really enjoyed it. 

I own the ugliest tie ever.  No joke.  There is a tie so ugly that it has been passed down from district to district.  This last Thursday I pulled out a tie that beat it. 

Like I said, I’ve been sick, but I feel alright today.  My throat is still just a little tired, but no biggie.  Thanks so much for the cough drops and tissues and veggies!!  You are the best!!!!  Both of you!  Thanks Sarah so much for the harmonica rack! And Sarah, thanks for the Yim Yames news!!!

Trevor Tonks got his call!!!!!  I'm writing him today to congratulate him but man. Let me say, I am so happy.  I was literally jumping up and down and stomping my feet!  He's going to Chile!!!!!!!  Ben in Europe, me in Asia, and Trevor in South America!  All different languages!!! Oh, man!!!  Now Jon needs to go to Australia, and Kyle LeFevre to Africa!!  We already have Derek in North America!

I saw Landon Steele.  He's loving it here. He seems to be doing well.  He just got here. 

This was crazy.  We have a wild zone, much to the chagrin of the new military Elder, but we do.  That’s the way it's always been, and looks like it will forever be.  This week, two Elders got in a wrestling match.  They both wrestled in school, and they just wanted to.  It was just for fun, and all in good fun.  We all lined the walls and let them go at it.  After about two minutes, someone said "How long do we let them go before we stop 'em?"  This, of course, was said by someone who isn't in our zone - he's in the German zone.  I said "until they pin each other."  They went on for like thirty seconds more when I realized the 2nd Counselor of our branch is also watching us.  I turned red.  Other people started walking to their rooms. Our second counselor didn't intervene at all!  In fact, he was totally cool with it.  He talked with both of them about how he had a companion that he wrestled with, and how he was glad it was done in good fun.  We have an awesome Branch Presidency.

I'm doing very well.  Tagalog is going all right.  I'm not the best at it, but I don't think I'm the worst.  We taught pretty well in the TA this last week.  It was the first lesson again in full Tagalog.  I could say most everything I wanted to say.  Slowly, but I could say it. This next week we do the second lesson, which is the Plan of Salvation.  Oh boy!  The Plan of Salvation in Tagalog has some pretty crazy words, let me tell you.  Oh man, it's going to be rough. 

We have a progressive investigator.  It's a fake investigator that we go through the lessons with. Last Friday we talked about the word of wisdom.  We found out she's a devoted smoker.  We challenged her to quit, and to read the BOM when she gets the urge.  She declined.  I've been preparing verses that talk about God getting us through trials. It's going to be a rough next lesson.

With two weeks left, some in our district are kind of giving up.  They have things they need to work on as a missionary, but with two weeks they are just putting it off until they get to the Philippines.  It bothers me a little, but I can't blame them.  I am still working on myself and my Tagalog though.

Ilonggo is nothing like Tagalog.  We can't even read Ilonggo.  Apparently, it's sung/talked, and there are fewer and easier conjugations, which I am very happy about.  I am so stoked to get there.  Panay isn't very populated compared to the rest of the Philippines.  I think I got called there because I love hiking.  I also love you. I hope you are all doing very well.  Hey, Dad, any progress on that Christmas candle story?

I love you.  I miss you.

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