Monday, November 15, 2010

We do a lot of fun things. . .

November 15, 2010
MTC, Provo, Utah

Well, guys, what a week.  There have been a few bumps this week, but Elder Peterson and I are doing very well.  We get along well.  We don't talk too much, but we have learned each other’s boundaries.  We did very well in the Ta with our mock investigator.  We did very well. Our teacher told me I was a genuine teacher.  I was so happy for our performance. 

Elder Lowry is leaving. I'm kind of sad about it.  He was my buddy.  The other night He invited me to come and talk to him while he packed. He leaves today at one. I hope I get to see him in Iloilo. 

There are two elders who sing very, very well in our zone - Elder Green from New Zealand and Elder Heather from Samoa.  I heard them singing next door, and poked my head in and they were singing “Nearer My God to Thee” in harmony.  I asked to join.  I did on that song, and they invited me to sing a few more, but I did not.  They were such original good singers that I just listened for about 30 minutes. It was so cool.

So, my teacher told us a cannibal joke:  What do you get when you come late to a cannibal lunch?  The cold shoulder.

We do a lot of fun things, but don’t get the idea that we don’t work.

The temple has been nice.  Yes Dad, please send the family names up here.  I will get to them next week.  

Elder Bednar spoke last Tuesday.  He was very good.  It wasn’t all that insightful, but he really drove some points home.

Sister McDonald is in my zone, and plays the fiddle.  She went to India and taught school, and did an internship in Washington, D.C.  I said, “You’re a lot like my sister, Sarah.  She ran the name Sarah Waggoner through her head a few times and said it sounded very familiar. After I got a picture for her, she said Sarah was her TA for one of her classes, and they used to say “hi” to each other all the time.

I have been reading the books Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts.  Whenever we have free time, I read these. I like them a lot. Class is going well.  Tagalog is also going well.  Things are speeding up too!

I love you. I love you all a lot. Thank you for the letters. They are the best.

Leah, the phone charger is in my backpack.  Sorry.

See you in two!! Wahoo!!!!!!

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